30th March 2015, Cork Ireland

In conjunction with the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews (CSTPV) and funded by the European Commission, the Department of Sociology at University College Cork, Ireland would like to invite interested parties to submit abstracts for consideration for an upcoming conference entitled:

Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence – The role of Victims and Perpetrators.

The conference will be held at University College Cork, Ireland, on the 30th March 2015.


Papers broadly addressing the following themes will be considered:
 – Victims’ roles in de-radicalisation/prevention/Countering Violent Extremism
- Former combatants’ roles in de-radicalisation/prevention/Countering Violent Extremism
- Narratives of victimhood and vicarious victimisation – local/global
- The victim-perpetrator complex.
- Desistance and the terrorist group – individual and group processes.
- Suspect communities and victims of counter terrorism
- Regional case studies
Abstract (500 words) plus bio (200 words) to Dr Orla Lynch ‘ol@st-andrews.ac.uk‘ by January 7th 2015.
Acceptance/rejection confirmed by January 14th 2015.