About us

This website aims to bring together academics and practitioners examining issues of victimisation and any relationship this notion has to the processes central to terrorism and political violence including victims needs, radicalisation, notions of justice, cycles of violence, recidivism and the victim perpetrator complex. It also functions to  publicise the findings of a series of projects being undertaken by staff at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid and INTERVICT at Tilburg University, The Netherlands.
Two project are currently underway: Assessing support initiatives for victims of terrorism in the United Kingdom and Spain (Criminal Justice Program 2009) and Lessons for the European context and Preventing terrorism – Victims of terrorism and their participation in counter-radicalisation initiatives – understanding the choice (ISEC Home Office 2012). Both projects are funded in part by the EC with contributions from the University of St Andrews.

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